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Our Vision

Build-up the youth.

Build-up the youth with strong identity and character to have critical, constructive, and solutive minds in orders to develop their potensial to solve global problems.

Our Mission

Growth Together

1.Giving scholarship to catalyze the development critical, constructive, solutive minds of the youth to solve global problems.

2.Provides Information to enlight the knowledges which are related to leadership, education and comunity development.

3.Giving all instrument to enhance the roles youth in order to develop their Nation.

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Our team

Maliki Febriantono S

Founder & CEO

Fawzi Muhtadi

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Ghani Fadhil Rabbani

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Atikah Ishlah


Rochmah Rizqiyanti


Astri Izza


Ageng R Aldonanda


Riska Amaliyah


Ruli Aprilia

Youth Manager

Erlina Novita

Youth Manager

Umi Latifah

Youth Manager

Ramadhan Destya

Youth Manager

Jeki Anderson N

Youth Manager

Ummu Adilla

Youth Manager

Naadhira Musfira

Youth Manager